Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Sunday 19 May 2019

March 2018 – Jean McCarthy

‘Fritillaria’ by Jean McCarthy

Jean McCarthy will be showing in the gallery during March. She talks about her work here:

‘After studying for a degree in  Education and  Art (Painting and  pottery)  I spent many years teaching with the elements of  pattern, texture, line and colour underpinning much of my work across a wide curriculum. (Not to mention the vital elements of a sense of fun and joy)

They continue to drive my own creative work. After forays into three dimensional work with sculpture and glass work. I am presently more involved with printmaking and painting.

A very early interest in traditional Chinese  painting and philosophy led me to join the Chinese Brush Painters Society, and I studied under the Chinese artist Cai Xiaoli for many years both here in England and twice in China. I have given demonstrations and workshops and am currently organising workshops in Wivenhoe.

In all my work I seek to express my response to life and the natural world that touches and inspires. My aim is to abstract the essential elements of each encounter, whether in still life or with the wonder of trees and flowers and the wider landscape.  A tall order… It is too easy to get caught by detail . But I will get there, and have much fun and deep pleasure, as the insights continue to build.

To have  friends and strangers making links and finding shared meaning with such insights is a joy beyond words.’

Jean’s work is in various private collections: including the UK, and overseas in Hong Kong, Greece and the USA.

Group exhibitions include the Littlegarth Studio in Dedham, the  Wivenhoe Gallery and Wivenhoe Bookshop, and Firstsite and The Minories in Colchester