Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Sunday 19 May 2019

Dec 2017 – 7″ x 9″ Annual Retrospective

Year’s end once more, and time for our Over the Sofa gallery annual retrospective, the 7″ x 9″ exhibition.

As ever the gallery is filled with fabulous work by some of Wivenhoe’s finest artists.

All of the works are on sale, and it’s a marvellous opportunity to find yourself an affordable tiny treasure from a fine artist.

This year’s pieces are, from top left to right:

Michael Fletcher – ‘Quince’

Terry Curling – ‘Princess Ruby’

Tessa Spencer Pryse – ‘Nasturtiums’

Fiona Harmon – ‘What’s in my Head’

Paul Rumsey – ‘Republican Arsehole’

Julia Vezza – ‘Sunset Seagulls’

Janie Grote – ‘Frtillaria Meleagris’

Alison Stockmarr – ‘Little Men’

Emma Cameron – ‘In the Moment’

Ella Johnstone – ‘Lapwing’

Annie Bielecka – ‘Tropical Fish Shoal’

Eliza Kentridge – ‘Searching for Sugar Man’