Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Friday 5 June 2020

Art in the Shed – Ali Morgan

‘Autumn’ by Ali Morgan

Art in the Shed – Ali Morgan

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter – Tree Portaits

Wivenhoe Bookshop Shed

Sat 23rd Feb 10.00am – 5.00pm

Sun 24th Feb 10.00am – 3.30pm


From late Winter/early Spring 2017 Ali Morgan chronicled the seasonal changes in a small wood, drawing continuously for an entire year in pencil and charcoal, with occasional pops of colour .

She talks about her project here:

‘A couple of years ago I began a  sequence of drawings starting with the end of winter and the arrival of spring, depicting the transformation of the seasons, developing into an opportunity to chronicle the entire year.

I was encouraged by a local drawing group to venture into the woods.
Exposed over winter and spring, trees take on a sculptural form, with living parts that bend and reach in seemingly chaotic ways. They are also are constantly making ‘growing’ decisions, depending on the health of their neighbours, the availability of shared nutrients and accessibility of light.

Having spent most of my life near water, my work has been largely influenced by the sea, and these new renderings where an interesting challenge to me.

After many hours spent observing and recording particular trees in my sketch book, I worked on larger sheets of paper in my studio, choosing fundamental materials to achieve my intention. Pencil and charcoal on wood or cotton cold pressed paper.

The drawing process is intense –  sometimes gentle, sometimes vigorous, transforming information into line, shadow, texture and surface. Background distraction was eliminated and I became engrossed in the process of  tree portraiture.’