Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Sunday 18 February 2018

August 2016 – Pip Scott

 ©Pip Scott

©Pip Scott

Wivenhoe photographer Pip Scott’s work will be on show in the gallery during the month of August.

She talks about her work and her inspirations here:

I got into photography when I was about 7 and my grandpa left me his Brownie Box camera when he died, and some cricket leg pads, but we won’t go there!  As a result I became the family chronicler and  photographer.

I took scores of grainy black and whites and of course, I wasn’t on any of them.  This is the photographer’s lot, I guess, there and watchful but not recorded.  While I carried on taking photos of friends and daily, it wasn’t until I got a job as a Media Resources Officer in London that I really learned about taking pictures and playing in the dark room… it was like magic to me although there were lots of failures.

The onset of digital, which I resisted for ages, was really useful where I worked in schools and colleges as it was possible to check your shots and not waste film.  But, my work meant taking the pictures other people wanted me to take, and although I got into taking urban shots and grunge and graffiti to some extent – I didn’t really have a style.  Since coming to Wivenhoe over 8 years ago now, I have found myself entranced by water, and the light it throws, the sky and the joy of being on the edges of the land with boats, and mud and birds – I think this is illustrated to some extent in this little show.

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