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Jan 2017 – Patrice Lombardi

Patrice Lombardi makes a welcome return to the gallery for January. She Talks about her work here:

'Still Life After Zurbaran'

‘Still Life After Zurbaran’

I am a painter and I work mainly with oil colours. In all of my paintings I strive to capture the essence of my subjects. My aim is to transform a basket, a butterfly or a bird, a vase of tulips, a cypress tree or a person into a statement in paint that transcends reality. Subjects are chosen for their personal significance, their mystery, their humanity, their form.

Light and colour are the vital components of my painting. They are at the heart of my work. Forms are achieved through building up and breaking down layers of paint. The complexity of the paint surface and the depth of the paint are integral.

As many as twenty to thirty layers of paint are used. Light is the departure point for all of my work. Even in my most complex paintings my desire is to create richness with the paint but to keep the colours and light fresh. I am careful to observe forms but feel free to do what needs to be done so that the paintings are a visual reflection of my thoughts and emotion.

About the Artist

My life and work is divided between England and Italy. My husband, sculptor Richard W. Boardman and I have restored a wonderful space that houses a gallery, space for workshops/masterclasses and our studios in Wivenhoe.

I was born in Massachusetts, USA and studied painting in Boston and Paris and then obtained my graduate degree in painting at Villa Schifanoia in Florence.


I have held more than 20 solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions in London, Italy and the USA. Among my exhibitions are:

Images from the Garden, Villa Schifanoia, shown in both Florence and in Boston 1985.

Family Portraits, Boston 1986. New England Landscapes, Martha’s Vineyard 1987.

The Gardens of Villa I Tatti, exhibited in Florence, Boston and California 1990.

Objects & Window Studies, London 1993. Recent Paintings, London 1998.

Objects in Light, London 2000.

Recent Paintings, London 2004.

Images from the Garden – Villa La Pietra, Florence and London 2006.

New Paintings, London 2008.

Classical Inspiration, London, 2010.

The Nature of Things, Vermont, USA 2011.

Collections, shown both at the Circolo degli Artisti, Casa di Dante, Florence and in London 2013.

Colour & Light, St. Antoine, Mauritius, 2015.

My work is in private and corporate collections worldwide.


Portrait commissions include: Mr. Richard Miller, The Durrants Hotel, London 2013

Emma & Maddelena Agostini Ganucci Cancellieri, Florence 2012.

Mrs. Miller for the Durrants Hotel, London 2011. V.V. Veeder, QC that was exhibited as part of a portraiture show at East West Gallery, London in 2001.

Judge Stephen Schwebel, President of the UN International Court of Justice, The Hague, Holland (1998) and Sir Charles Chadwyck-Healey Bt. Cambridge, England (1994).

I have taught for New York University, Florence, Fortman Studios, Florence, Syracuse University, Florence, Minnetonka Centre for the Arts, Minnesota, and Regis College, Massachusetts.

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