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‘The East Country’ – with Jules Pretty

‘The East Country’

with Jules Pretty

Friday 20th Oct 7.30pm

Nottage Institute

Wivenhoe Quay

Entry £5 – tickets on sale at the bookshop

or call 01206 824050/book by email


Join us for a talk and audio-visual presentation with Professor Jules Pretty on his new book The East Country – Almanac Tales of Valley and Shore’.

About the Book

The East Country is a work of creative nonfiction in which acclaimed nature writer Jules Pretty integrates memoir, natural history, cultural critique, and spiritual reflection into a single compelling narrative.

Pretty frames his book around Aldo Leopold and his classic Sand Country Almanac, bringing Leopold’s ethic so that The East Country, like all accomplished works of close ecological focus, moves cleverly between the intensely local and the universal.

In The East Country, Pretty follows the seasons through seventy-four tales set in a variety of landscapes from valley to salty shore. Pretty convinces us that we should all develop long attachments to the local, observing that the land can change us for the better.

Praise for ‘The East Country’

The East Country “encourages long attachments to the local as profoundly valuable undertakings” Robert Macfarlane.

“A brave and visionary book” Douglas Christie

“A marvelous book… something mystical, a song of praise for a world that is vanishing” Astrid Ogilvie

About the Author

The author Jules Pretty is based at the borders of the counties of Suffolk and Essex in eastern England.

Jules Pretty

He lives in the village of Nayland, and is Professor of Environment and Society & Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Essex. Jules has written and edited several books on the braiding of nature and people, exploring the importance of place and the land for identity and health of individuals and cultures.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology and the Royal Society of Arts, former Deputy-Chair of the government’s Advisory Committee on Releases to the Environment, and has served on advisory committees for UK, US and Swiss government departments and research councils. He is Vice-President of Essex Wildlife Trust and the Rural Community Council of Essex.

Jules received an OBE in 2006 for services to sustainable agriculture, an honorary degree from Ohio State University in 2009, and was a visiting Professor-at-Large at Cornell University for 6 years.

Jules’s previous books include The Edge of Extinction and This Luminous Coast, which won the 2013 New Angle Prize for Literature, and was named East Anglian nature book of the year in 2011. It was also short-listed for the Writers Guild non-fiction book of the year in 2011.

Entry £5 – tickets on sale at the bookshop

To book call 01206 824050 or send us an email 

Ticket price includes a drink and reduction on the RRP of the book

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