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April 2018 – John Wallett

‘SHIFT#2’ by John Wallett

‘Over The Sofa Fortnight’

This week and next John Wallett will be showing a selection of print work Over the Sofa in the Wivenhoe Bookshop.

John talks here bout the work:

“A couple of years ago I started doing printmaking evening classes with Kitty Reford at Colchester Institute. Printmaking brought many artistic preoccupations back together for me which had been left scattered on the back seat of my creative life since art school, and re-awoke in me an excitement in my own visual work that I thought I had almost lost.

The first half of my ‘over the sofa fortnight’ is a large screenprint ‘SHIFT #2’ that I did during this period using a mix of hand cut paper stencil and photo-stencil. It’s a piece I am very fond of and with its motifs of sight and touch, the visible and the hidden, the thing and the text, I think it is particularly nice to see it here so surrounded by all those books.

Then for the final week of April I will be replacing this with some current work I am doing in our new print workshop using processes I’m trying out, some for the first time: drypoint, collograph and monoprint. I also have a fascination with ‘inkless’ prints so I expect one or two of these will make an appearance as well.”

Printmaking Workshop

“Since last autumn I and a group of other printmakers have been setting up a printmaking workshop here in Wivenhoe (www.wivenhoeprint.works) where we can explore and experiment with a variety of print processes, run classes and draw in people of all skill levels to explore and enjoy a wide range of printing activities together.

We now have two great roller presses for relief and intaglio printing and a workshop with nice light and room to work. Please get in touch with me through the Bookshop if you want to know more.”

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