Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Monday 9 December 2019

A Poetry Reading with Mica Press

Mica Press Poetry Reading

with Michael Vince, Leslie Bell and Vaughan Pilikian

From 6.30pm Thurs 22nd November

Wivenhoe Bookshop

Join us for a reading of new and classic poetry published by Wivenhoe’s Mica Press.

Mica Press has published more than a dozen books by individual poets living in England, Scotland, France, Italy, Greece and Sri Lanka, since 2012.
Each is chosen by the editor Les Bell for beauty of conception and quality of writing.

Michael Vince

Michael Vince, Leslie Bell & Vaughan Pilikian

“Vince’s music is quiet and unassertive, yet always persuasive, its rhythms constrained but buoying the lines to move both the reader and the trajectory of the poem” – Ian Pople, The North.

Michael Vince, born in 1947, taught in Italy and Greece, where he lived and worked for many years. He now lives in London. The poet of The Orchard Well , (Carcanet), In The New District, (Carcanet), Mountain, Epic, Dream, (Bran’s Head) and of the pamphlet Gaining Definition, winner of the Eric Gregory award, his poems have appeared in magazines in the UK and the US over the past forty years or more.

Leslie Bell

“Leslie Bell’s poetry is antic, metaphysical, witty and lugubrious, traditional and modern, highly literary, and always glancing off in unexpected directions. A lost, drastically underpublished, here refound poet of the classic Cambridge school, he deserves to be read by all who value craft, daring and sheer exuberant playfulness. It is good to see this gathering at last”
– John Muckle, author of Cyclomotors, London Brakes, Firewriting and My Pale Tulip.

Leslie Bell lives in Wivenhoe, Essex. He was born in 1947, grew up on Tyneside, in Finland, and in his native Scotland. He studied in Washington D.C. and read English at King’s College, Cambridge.

Vaughan Pilikian

“His poems are haunting, mysterious and memorable. They deserve to be sung.” Carole Satyamurti

“I have been very struck indeed by the voice of these poems – something absolutely authentic, which is so rare these days.” Iain McGilchrist

Vaughan Pilikian was born in London to an American mother and Armenian father. After studies in classical languages, fine art and filmmaking, he has produced work in different fields as a scholar, filmmaker, painter, sculptor, designer, theatre director, performance artist and screenwriter.

He is the author of two previous collections of poetry, and two volumes of translations from ancient Sanskrit epic.

The full range of Mica Press publications can be viewed here: http://www.micapress.co.uk/