Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Saturday 6 June 2020

January 2019 – Anthony Jones

About the Artist

Artist of the month Anthony Jones has lived in Wivenhoe for about 7 years with his wife Sue, having previously lived in North Wales.

He was a tenant at Cuckoo Farm Studios for 5 years, and now paint from our home opposite the Wet Dock.

Anthony’s background is in professional graphic design and typography, and teaching. In 1998 he gained a 2:1 degree in Visual Art from Salford University.



Anthony talks about his work here:

‘Generally, I paint in series and this series was begun ten years ago. Between then and early this year, my artistic interests have frequently dipped into and out of quite diverse areas of the artistic journey.

The Interiors series came about whilst visiting a National Trust house, thinking what it might be like when everyone has left and exactly who were the people who had used the house, the furniture etc.

The first painting was the Old Fireplace at Godolphins in Devon. I thought it intriguing and looked forward to the challenge of painting something not entirely abstract yet using traditional skills such as adhering to shhhh…. perspective!

Most of the paintings originate from detailed working drawings. The rooms are both real and fictional. I compose the imagery mainly in the drawing, alas the finished painting may not be exactly like the drawing in some cases.

Details again are from photo reference and actual objects we own… a champagne bottle, a lady’s red shoe etc.

I try to infer a dialogue in each…someone has just left the room or is about to return, or are they? They have left traces of themselves behind in the room, as each one of us do daily.

Colour and light are key elements. Mostly, I am painting calm paintings. Quiet paintings. Paintings no-one will tire of, hopefully engaging the viewer every day and every time they look into it.

They are quiet paintings full of atmosphere with possibly some minor intrigue. Their message could also be wishful thinking on my part!’