Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Sunday 9 August 2020

Books and Beyond

Books & Beyond

A Cabaret of Words & Music

With A L Kennedy, Tom Bolton, The D’ukes and Alex Toms

Licensed Bar

Friday 15th March 7pm

British Legion

Wivenhoe Quay

Tickets £12.00 from Wivenhoe Bookshop or call 01206 824050


Join us for an evening of spoken word and music with some fine writers and a top band.

A L Kennedy is one of Britain’s most celebrated, award-winning writers and she’ll be sharing the fable of The Little Snake, written to mark the 75th anniversary of Antoine de St Expeury’s The Little Prince.

The book, winner of the Costa Book of the Year,  is a magical, charming and deeply moving fable about the journey we all take through life, about love and family, about war and resilience, about how we live in this world, and how we leave it.

In 2016 Tom Bolton set out on a mission to walk the long, winding coastline of Essex — from Purfleet on the Thames Estuary to the Suffolk border.  Low Country: Brexit on the East Coast chronicles his journeys through the treacherous mudflats and coastal resorts of England’s eastern edge at a time of political flux.

D’ukes are quickly becoming one of the country’s top ukulele bands ! Take 6 musicians, 24 strings, some percussion and a pinch of comedy and you have a band that has given the modest ukulele a makeover for the 21st century. D’Ukes  specialise in loud, electric, danceable music. Whether you like pop, rock, reggae or country – expect the unexpected!

Alex Toms’ debut poetry collection Lessons for an Apprentice Eel Catcher evokes an East Anglia inhabited by poachers, witches and ghosts in poems which skilfully summon the uncanny.

Praise for The Little Snake

A L Kennedy

“Incredibly moving, yet joyful. It made me cry” – Observer

“After entering Kennedy’s world, it’s hard to find a way out … In The Little Snake, the swift emotional slippages click along, one after another, sentence after sentence, like an intricate concatenation of rainbow-bright dominoes. Funny, surprising and unexpected … Kennedy’s prose – like the endlessly unreeling speculations of her most interesting characters – is simultaneously logical and illogical, sad and funny, simple and profound, turning over and over in endless permutations, like an elegant small snake wrestling against the constraints of its own shiny and menacing skin” – New York Times

“Teaches its protagonists lessons about cruelty, mortality and above all, love … [An] enchanting modern fairy tale … A fable for our time … Kennedy’s humour and lightness of touch serves to underscore her serious intent: an urgent reminder of the small and great things that actually give life its meaning” – Financial Times

“A miniature fable … In this bitter age of broken borders, this timely, timeless story’s large helping of sugar is not unwelcome” – Sunday Times

“As for brave, kind heroines, you can’t do better than A.L. Kennedy’s The Little Snake, about a girl who one day finds a handsome, vain snake wrapped round her ankle. It brings death, but they become friends. A lovely story, and good for readers of any age” – Spectator

Praise for Low Country: Brexit on the East Coast

Tom Bolton

Low Country: Brexit on the Essex Coast [is] a handsome volume illustrated with atmospheric black and white photographs. Although it treads familiar ground, it deftly seeks to understand the relationship between marginal landscapes and embattled identities and loyalties in a world of political turmoil. […] Bolton’s book, with its engaging style and terrific bibliography will further enhance the county’s singular appeal, the astringent nature of which surely suits the times.’
 – Ken Worpole

Low Country is a wide-raging and fascinating book taking in people, political and newsworthy events, and the changing industry, landscape and use of the coastal region.’
 – Clare Wadd, Caught by the River

Praise for Lessons from an Apprentice Eel Catcher

Alex Toms

Alex Toms is a repeat winner in national poetry competitions and in 2015 was Manchester Cathedral Poet of the Year. She is widely published in magazines, journals and anthologies.

‘A stunning, otherworldly collection of poetry.’

 – Martin Bewick, Dunlin Press

‘Pepperd with poems about eel cathcers this beautiful, evocative debut collection from the Dunlin Press taps into Alex’s interest in a sense of place…..she explores love, womanhood and sex in an East Anglia inhabited by poachers, witches and ghosts. A name to look out for on the national poetry scene.’

– Neil D’Arcy Jones, Essex County Newspapers