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Itinerant Sailor Seeks to Free an Orca #FreeMorgan

During April our shop window has a guest curator, Shari Manning. Shari has recently worked with the Pioneer Sailing Trust as Bosun on the refurbished skillinger, the ‘Pioneer’.

She’s also an inspirational and indefatigable campaigner for marine mammals. Shari has worked with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in Japan, highlighting the tragic capturing and killing of dolphins, and will shortly be moving to Tenerife to join the Free Morgan Foundation who are working to free a female Orca held at the ‘Loro Parque’ there.

The sale of the beautiful cetaceans on display in the window, hand-carved by Felicity Wallis, will raise funding her camapign.

She talks about her work here:

Activist Shari Manning

“I’ve lived and worked in Wivenhoe for almost a decade and have been attempting to raise awareness for Morgan, a young, and once wild, orca who now languishes in a parrot park in Tenerife. I’ve signed petions, written letters, and gone on various protests but I found it as not been enough.

Last year I quit my beloved job on Pioneer to try and find out what it would take to liberate Morgan. I documented the journey and have edited into a short movie that I hope will inform and inspire others to help me achieve a dignified future for Morgan. My mum has made these wooden cetaceans which will help me with travel costs as I need to get Morgan’s story out far and wide and I hope to enter some short film competitions.”

Shari’s film will be screening as follows:

‘To Liberate a Blackfish’

7pm Saturday 20th April

Nottage Institute

Wivenhoe Quay

More info about Morgan at freemorgan.org

More info about my journey at toliberateablackfish.com


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