Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Sunday 9 August 2020

Feb 2020 – Andy Brooke

A close-up of the window

Meet the Artist Andy Brooke

The Wivenhoe Park Memorial Window

Launch Event

3 – 5pm

Saturday 1st February

Wivenhoe Bookshop

Andy Brooke’s beautiful Wivenhoe Park Memorial Window is a personal view in stained glass of the landscape surrounding and under the University of Essex. Join us for the launch event – the work will be on display during the rest of February during Bookshop opening hours.

“Mandating biodiversity net gain puts the environment at the heart of planning and development. This will not only create better places for people to live and work, but will ensure that we leave our environment in a better state for future generations.”

Former Environment Secretary

Michael Gove

BNG refers to the idea that development should immeasurably improve the local habitat and wildlife surrounding it, rather than seek to limit it’s damage on them.