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Does Your Rabbi Know You’re Here?

‘Does Your Rabbi Know You’re Here?’  is on the Guardian’s Best Sports Books 2012 list!! Signed copies in stock – it’s a great gift!

 Following the prodigious success of his last book, ‘Promised Land – the Reinvention of Leeds United’,award-winning writer, sports journalist, and all round decent bloke Anthony Clavane joined us on 2nd Oct for an exclusive Wivenhoe launch of his latest book, ‘Does Your Rabbi Know You’re Here? - The Story of English Football’s Forgotten Tribe’

Clavane’s meticulously researched new book unearths the incredible history of Jewish involvement in English football from the trail-blazing Jewish footballers to the legendary businessmen who transformed the game from a largely working class pursuit to today’s global entertainment industry

Author and journalist Anthony Clavane

Jews don’t do football. Or, at least, they don’t play it. This, at any rate, is the myth. Apart from the relatively recent appearance of high-profile foreign owners like Roman Abramovich, Randy Lerner and the Glazers, the Jewish impact on the game has appeared to be on the light side.

Anthony Clavane uncovers a secret history of Jewish involvement in English football. Featuring interviews with fans, directors, agents, hangers-on, players and managers it analyses and explains, but above all it entertains.

Does Your Rabbi Know You’re Here? takes a long hard look at how and why Jews – from Gutmann to Grant, from Goldberg to Glazer – have changed the game; and been changed by it in turn.

(Publisher’s synopsis)

The capacity crowd thoroughly enjoyed Anthony’s speech and some great readings from the book.

To reserve your copy of the book, call us on 01206 824050, or order by email.


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