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March 2012 Michael Fletcher

The Hill in Spring 2005 by Michael Fletcher (Oil on Canvas)

Michael’s work ‘Valley of Autumn Memory’ will be on show in the gallery throughout March.

Notes on the painting ‘Valley of Autumn Memory’

by Michael Fletcher

I grew up in London, studied at Chelsea School of Art and then taught in adult and further education. Prior to moving to Wivenhoe three years ago I had been increasingly dividing my time between living and working in London and Spain.

The painting I am exhibiting, ‘Valley of Autumn Memory’, is the culminating piece of a series of much smaller paintings on the same theme, painted throughout 2004 and into 2005. Most of these can be seen on my website.

The start of this series was suggested partially by drawings made near our Spanish house, and toying with the concept that the history of events as well as physical forms can possibly leave their marks, stains, and memories printed or embedded in a piece of landscape.

As the series progressed they became less about Spain and a specific external landscape. Also it was inevitable that a certain melancholia should come into the work as thoughts of loss and change edged their way in.

Sadly change has meant that the little valley I looked down on to make the initial drawings is now fenced off and unapproachable. A memory.

At the time I made the following notes in my sketch book -

Recollection.   The clues beneath.   The memory within.

Evidence within.   Subsoil.   Traces.   Indications.   Hearsay.

Confirmation of memory.   Records.    Deja vu.   Old wounds.   Evocation.


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