Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Friday 27 November 2015

October 2012 – Caroline Moiret

Glassmaker Caroline Moiret will be showing her work in the Over the Sofa gallery during October.

She talks about her work here:

“The interplay between colour, light, translucency and depth within glass is completely unique. Whether I am making jewellery, dishes, lighting, panels or sculpture, glass never ceases to delight and absorb me and I am rarely more at peace than when I am working in my studio.

I am constantly inspired by natural, organic and modular forms and by contemporary architecture, sculpture and paintings and I am always experimenting and sketching, trying to encapsulate ideas and push my work forward.

Each of my pieces is individually constructed and therefore unique. My sculptures in particular, are inspired by personal memories, events or experiences. From initial sketches through to working on the actual pieces themselves, each one becomes an internal journey, allowing me to process my feelings in a way that is hard for me to explore or express in any other way.”


Caroline and her work were recently featured in the BBC programme ‘Paul Martin’s Handmade Revolution’, where craftspeople compete to win a prize.

 Her glass sculpture was the winning work, and is currently on display in the foyer at the Victoria and Albert Museum! Congratulations Caroline !

Watch the programme on the BBC iPlayer – Caroline features from 20 mins in, and the results from 41 mins in.



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