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Rainbow Flags and Pink Triangles August 2012

Hi, my name’s Angela and I love to read Lesbian books in all genres, and have been doing so for over twenty years.

I’ve been asked by the Wivenhoe Bookshop to recommend my favourites to see it if might whet your appetite to delve into the world of lesbian books.  All are led by strong women characters, some of whom I hope you will come to know and love.

All of my recommendations can be ordered through the Wivenhoe Bookshop by calling 01206 824050, or by email. Happy reading!

Dark Garden – by Jennifer Fulton 

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher’s Synopsis:

‘Two sworn enemies who can’t resist each other.  Something has to give.

The Blakes and the Cavenders have been going at it since 1870, and Vienna Blake keeps up the family tradition, gunning for the Cavenders at every opportunity.  All the same, she’s shocked when Mason Cavender accuses her of murder.  Vienna has the stunningly sexual Mason thrown out by security, but she can’t rid herself so easily of her powerful, instant attraction to the woman she’s been groomed since childhood to destroy.

Last in a long line of “Cursed Cavenders,” as the media describes them, Mason has just walked away from the small plane crash that killed her brother.  Now in charge of her family’s crumbling business empire, she suspects sabotage and believes beautiful, ruthless Vienna Blake is responsible.   Mason hires a private investigator to prove it, but exposing family secrets always comes at a price.’

 “The name Jennifer Fulton on any novel is an ironclad guarantee of a great read.  She is one of our most entertaining and richly rewarding writers.”

Katherine V. Forrest.

Angela says:  I really enjoyed this book, the intense attraction between these two characters pulled me in straight away.  The push and pull between them is beautifully written and there are more than a few twist and turns in the plot line.

 The High Priest and the Idol – by Jane Fletcher

Genre: Fantasy

 Publisher’s Synopsis:

‘Jemeryl and Tevi’s relationship is put to the test when the Guardian sends Jemeryl on a mission that lands her not only in harm’s way, but also back into the sights of a previous lover.

The Protectorate of Lyremouth promises liberty for all its citizens, but this does not mean that everyone is equal.  When Jemeryl is summoned alone to Lyremouth, she suspects it is a ploy to separate her from her lover, Tevi.  After all, many disapprove of their relationship – not because they are both women, but because Jemeryl is a sorcerer and Tevi is not.  The task Jemeryl is given, to track down an ex-lover who has turned renegade on the Coven, does nothing to assuage her doubts.  However, old bonds of affection are enough to make her accept the assignment, even though she is sure that she has been told only half the true story.

But Jemeryl is wrong – she has not been told even a tenth of what is behind this mission.  When Jemeryl does not return, nobody can stop Tevi from going after her.’

 “Jane Fletcher once again has written an exciting fantasy story for everyone.”

Lambda Book Report.

Angela says: Wow, wow, wow, a tightly woven, intricate, detailed, brilliant story.  This is book four of the series. No, I haven’t read the other three, and you don’t really need to, to get the love and commitment Jemeryl and Tevi have for each other.  I will read the others though, as this is excellent writing and every time I had to put it down, I couldn’t wait to get back to it.

 Fresh Tracks – by Georgia Beers

Genre: Romance

Publisher’s Synopsis:

‘Seven women, seven days.  A lot can happen.

There are three things that Amy Forrester loves most in the world: Jo, her wife of fifteen years; spending time with her closest friends; and her cabin in the woods.  What better way to spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s than having all three?  When she invites her three best friends to join her and Jo in their mountain hideaway, all she expects is good food, fine wine, and lively conversation.

Unfortunately for Amy, there are also three things that she doesn’t count on: her best friend’s relationship is falling apart; her two other friends share a secret that causes nothing but conflict and discomfort; and the arrival of Jo’s fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants niece, Darby, who has a habit of leaving broken hearts in her wake.

Childhood friends, new lovers, and old rivals share beginnings, endings, and the uncommon bonds of friendship in a story filled with romance and possibility.’

Angela says: When I read the synopsis I thought it sounded like my idea of hell!  I also wasn’t sure how many were going to make it out alive!

It is well written and the characters are rather more believable than in some other books I’ve read, it had me squealing and shouting “Nooooo – don’t do it” In the middle of a quiet evening, making my partner almost jump out of her skin! It is a good read and not always comfortable, in fact rather frustrating – people can be so silly at times! Oh wait It’s not real! Note to self: remember it’s fiction….. fiction….. fiction!

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