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Hi, my name’s Angela and I love to read Lesbian books in all genres, and have been doing so for over twenty years.

I’ve been asked by the Wivenhoe Bookshop to recommend my favourites to see it if might whet your appetite to delve into the world of lesbian books.  All are led by strong women characters, some of whom I hope you will come to know and love.

All of my recommendations can be ordered through the Wivenhoe Bookshop by calling 01206 824050, or by email. Happy reading!

When Women Were Warriors Book I – The Warriors Path

When Women Were Warriors Part II – A Journey of the Heart

When Women Were Warriors Part III – A Hero’s Tale

By Catherine M. Wilson

Set in Bronze Age Britain when matrilineal societies were common, this wonderful trilogy is beautifully written, mythical and enchanting. The intricately woven tale begins with a young girl’s journey, and becomes an epic tale of love and power.

Tamras, daughter of Tamnet goes to the House of Merin where she becomes companion to a ‘stranger’- a warrior who is not aligned to the house of Merin through family or historical ties.

She is next apprenticed, earning her right to become a warrior, and finally becomes leader of her people.   We follow her path through difficult and heart breaking times, whilst Tamras finds her inner strength and comes to understand her own heart and her destiny.

Superb, thank you Catherine M. Wilson.

Love in the Balance

By Marianne K. Martin

When Katrina ’Kasey‘ Hollander, owner of a renovation company, and self-admitted mathematical moron, meets accountant Connie Bradford, they hit it off immediately.

Even though Connie has a boyfriend, she is taken aback by Kasey’s beauty and intelligence. Over time they get to know each other, and begin to make choices that will affect their lives and friendships forever.

This is a lovely book.  The characters are well rounded and some of them you love, although some you’re not so taken with.  The friends and family’s stories are beautifully interwoven with Kasey’s and Connie’s. There are a few shocks along the way, all of which add to this super story.


By Cari Hunter

“The policewoman got shot and she’s bleeding everywhere.  Get someone here in one hour or I’m going to put her out of her misery.”

An ultimatum that forever changes the lives of police officer Sam Lucas and Dr. Kate Myles.  Sam has been taken hostage during a violent robbery in the small English village of Birchenlow, isolated by a heavy snowstorm.  Dr Kate Myles volunteers to go in and help,  and cut off from all aid and with only each other to rely on, the two women must find a way to stay alive.

At last a brilliant thriller written by a British writer and set in a British village.  How I have waited for such a thing!  I really couldn’t put this one down, it’s so full of dangerous twists and turns, and a thoroughly enjoyable read. Highly recommended.

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