Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Tuesday 1 December 2015

Sept 2011 Ron Sims

Abstract artist Ron Sims’ work ‘Elephant Torso’ (acrylic on canvas, 2007) will be showing at the Over the Sofa gallery during the month of September.


Elephant torso, 2007

‘Ron Sims’ work combines contradictions of surface and form, ambiguities of pictorial space, visual puns, literal associations, and historical cross-referencing.

How do George Stubbs, 16th century Dutch Interiors, life-drawing at the Royal Academy Schools, Walt Disney, butterflies, hippos and cowboys all come together and make sense? We can all enjoy the delicious sense of humour going on here!’

Barry Atherton, Glasgow School of Art


You can find out more about Ron, and take a look at other works on his website.

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