Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Monday 8 February 2016

The Museum of Everything

The Museum of Everything is a new book and  art venue in Primrose Hill dedicated to the creativity of obsessive, marginalised individuals.

The Book £55

Given that most outsider art was never intended for any form of public viewing or display – collector and museum Founder James Brett accurately describes the venue as a ‘public museum showing extraordinary works of privacy’ – it can suffer from being seen in the too-pristine surrounds of a white cube gallery. But this unrefurbished space (holes in walls and remnants of decor remain from the dismantling of its previous incarnations) provides a sympathetic environment for work that may be lovingly crafted but is itself often made from rough and random materials.

Location: right behind the library on the
corner of Regents Park Road and
Sharpleshall Street, London NW1
Times: 10:30am until 18:30pm
Wednesday to Sunday
Dates: 13th October 2010
to Christmas 2010
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