Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Monday 5 October 2015

Woolly Thoughts

Woolly Wednesdays 10 – 11.30 in the Bookshop Shed

The idea for ‘Woolly Thoughts’ came about as a result of the huge success of the 10 week Philosophy Breakfast sessions held every Saturday morning in the Wivenhoe Bookshop shed, when an eminent Philosopher gives a prescribed series of talks and opportunities to discuss philosophical topics.  In complete contrast we decided to invite anyone with yarn and needles to drop in to talk about anything they like.

Helen leads the discussion

Over the months a fantastic core group of people from all walks of life has evolved with real friendship and a love of wild and traditional knitting and riotous debates on all sorts of spur of the moment topics.  We have attracted the attention of the media who seem very intrigued by what exactly goes on to cause the magical atmosphere, which we believe is up to everyone who attends.  So come along with your woolly stuff and see for yourself -  you will be welcomed.

There is always wool and needles to try with plenty of help on hand we just need your woolly thoughts. There is no pattern. To find out more call 01206 824050, or email us.

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