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The Rise of Athens – Book Launch with Anthony Everitt

‘The Rise of Athens’

Book Launch with Anthony Everitt

6.30pm Fri 10th March

Wivenhoe Bookshop

Join us for a Book Launch, reading and signing with New York Times bestselling author Anthony Everitt.

Anthony’s latest book The Rise of Athens tells the story of the modest city-state that would become the birthplace of democracy.

About the Book

The story of Athens is truly intriguing: how did a tiny community of 200,000 citizens manage to give birth to towering geniuses across the range of human endeavour, create one of the greatest civilizations in history, and lay the foundations of our own political and intellectual heritage?

Taking the city itself as his central subject, Anthony Everitt relates the story of this early metropolis, taking in the strengths, flaws and unique brilliance of this ambitious experiment in civilization. Filled with adventure and astounding reversals of fortune, The Rise of Athens celebrates the city-state that cradled the world’s first democracy – from its revolutionary beginnings through to the flowering of its intellectual and artistic achievements – and explores its eventual decline into a lesser city under outside rule.

In his deft and fluid style, Everitt shows how our culture has been profoundly influenced by the Athenians: inventing the arts of tragedy and comedy, architecture and sculpture, establishing the concepts and language of western philosophy, and raising political issues that still vex thinkers to this day. Anthony Everitt breathes vivid life into this most ancient story.

About the Author

Anthony Everitt is visiting professor in the visual and performing arts at Nottingham Trent University.

Anthony Everitt

He has written extensively on European culture and is the author of books on Cicero, Augustus and Hadrian. He publishes regularly in The Guardian and The Financial Times.

He has served as Secretary General of the Arts Council of Great Britain. Anthony lives in Wivenhoe near Colchester, England’s first recorded town, founded by the Romans.

Praise for Anthony Everitt’s The Rise of Rome

“Rome’s history abounds with remarkable figures. . . . Everitt writes for the informed and the uninformed general reader alike, in a brisk, conversational style, with a modern attitude of skepticism and realism.”—The Dallas Morning News

“Elegant, swift and faultless as an introduction to his subject.”—The Spectator

“An engrossing history of a relentlessly pugnacious city’s 500-year rise to empire.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Fascinating history and a great read.”—Chicago Sun-Times