Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Friday 3 December 2021

Jan 2020 – Terry Curling

Nine of Terry Curling’s extraordinary articulated dolls are on show for January in the bookshop’s Over the Sofa gallery.

Terry’s dolls were previously shown at the Outsider Art Fair in Paris in October 2019, and thirty were¬† exhibited in a joint show with Paul Rumsey at Galerie Beatrice Soulie in Paris in May 2019.

Terry has been making doll sculptures for five years. She began making them after doing four drawings of witchcraft dolls at the Museum of Witchcaft in Boscastle. She had the idea to make her own dolls to draw from. The idea grew into making articulated dolls that could be posed into group figure compositions like a puppet theatre. She began to make a cast of characters, puppet actors, like the characters in Punch and Judy or Commedia dell’arte. Her aim is to make drawings or paintings of the dolls performing narrative scenes.

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