Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Wednesday 6 December 2023

Sept 2021 – Jayne Waters

‘Glitter Where the Pain Is’ Jayne Waters

In September, the work of Jayne Waters will be on display. Jayne is a trained actor with a degree in Theatre Studies and has worked as a Theatre Facilitator in prisons, and a professional actor for the BBC and in the West End. In 2008 she suffered an accident whilst on stage and was diagnosed with a neurological disability.

Ultimately, the pain became unbearable and Jayne’s mobility was affected so much that she had to stop working. Having always been interested in the aesthetics of theatre Jayne was encouraged to begin to draw and produce artwork by The Actors Benevolent fund.

She says: “I have drawn every day since the Actor’s Benevolent Fund suggested it. It began as art therapy and slowly through the encouragement of friends, family and strangers I started to sell pieces through Instagram and my etsy shop. I have had 10 operations over the last 6 years and there are more to come. Art has become a bit of a life saver for me. Especially as I am often bedbound. I love bold colours and shapes and I am a little obsessed with the sun, the sky and the sea.” Jayne spends a lot of time in Wivenhoe with her extended family and has fallen in love with the people and the area.

She hopes to raise awareness about invisible disability and chronic pain through her work, and dedicates this exhibition “to my husband Nick, my little boy JoJo and all the people who help me as a disabled mother and artist. “