Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Tuesday 22 June 2021

Open Studios in the Shed

Art in the Shed

Sat 15th September 10am – 5pm

Saturday sees a welcome return to the Bookshop Shed for Wivenhoe artists Jayne and John Wallett, and son Jacob for an ‘Open Studios’ event.

The Walletts come from very different artistic backgrounds: John originally worked within conceptual fine art at Goldsmiths, Jayne in figurative illustration at Harrow Westminster. They have both worked in community arts and art education, while always keeping their own practices going. Now the differences are perhaps less marked as  both work in mixtures of traditional and digital media influenced by printmaking processes and collage.

Jayne Wallett:

“Most of my work is based around the human female figure. I paint and draw dolls, statues, mannequins and skeletons as well as drawing from life.

Non-living representations of women have always fascinated me.”

Most recently Jayne has worked on ‘Someone Else’s Shoes’, a collection of watercolour paintings, ink drawings and monoprints of favourite footwear volunteered by friends. She finds that shoes, like their owners,  have real personality.

Check out Jayne’s blog ‘Heart in Hand’ for pictures of these, and monoprint drawings of ‘Merwomen and Other Mythical Creatures’.

 John Wallett:

John works mostly as a graphic designer:

John Wallett’s ‘Adewale’ typeface

“I love my work: I get a brief, a client’s problem, a challenge, and the ideas start coming, the notebooks start to fill up. My head starts to fill up:images, projects, ideas… most of which never see light of day.

I used to worry when a client didn’t use an idea, then realised these are great gifts, the things that didn’t fit,the loose ends that provide new beginnings. In the end nothing lost, nothing wasted (if you only live long enough and never stop working). This stuff is for me. And strangers.”

His work on show will include the graphic design ‘Adewale’, an experimental typeface inspired by the music of jazz percussionist Adriano Adewale, recent works for print, display and the web, and ‘Designer Rubbish’ – an ongoing project recording a year of what went in the rubbish bins.

Jacob Wallett:

‘Figure Drawing’ by Jacob Wallett

Jacob is studying art at the Colchester Institute, and will be exhibiting a range of his current work.

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