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Storytelling for Children – with Jan Williams

‘The Storyteller’s Monsters’

Storytelling with Jan Williams

Essex Folk Tales for Children

11am Sunday 1st April

Wivenhoe Bookshop

Join us with Jan Williams, author, storyteller and grand talker for a morning of traditional Essex tales

What an adventure!  Local storyteller Jan Williams research has taken her into the furthest corners of Essex to discover the most remarkable monsters for her new book ‘Essex Folk tales for Children’.  There are dragons, Vikings, pirates, smugglers, ghostly ladies, and highwaymen. Children between 7-11 years old are welcome to come along to Wivenhoe Book Shop on April 1st to hear Jan herself tell some of these tales in her lilting Welsh accent.

Jan Williams

She will tell you how the horrors of the basilisk at Saffron Walden who terrified the town with what seemed the most alarming powers of destruction for its breath destroyed everything in front of it, poison spread up the arm of anything that touched it and above all one glance from its menacing eyes killed whoever looked into them, yet amazingly a knight in a special suit of armour was able to kill it!

There’s the fierce crocodile at Wormingford who came up the river from London, not to mention the dragon at Great Bentley with a partiality for beer.  The Viking Olaf of the fat hairy legs had his own special way of coping with the She Monster and around the shores are pirates and smugglers full of mischief and the highwayman with their own special horses.

There will be an opportunity to see the fine drawings of Simon Peecock that are the charm of the book and the children will have a chance to design their own monster and then maybe buy a signed copy of the book. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the group!


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