Wivenhoe Bookshop Magazine & Newsletter | Sunday 14 July 2024

Apr 2022 – Bethan Briggs Miller

Bethan Briggs Miller’s ethereal images are on show in the gallery for April. She talks about her work here:

‘I use a variety of media to create dreamlike landscapes with a hidden narrative. Working with alcohol ink and oil colours I apply these to the canvas then use alcohol to create different textures and patterns. This process allows scenes and characters to emerge organically with even the smallest areas containing a hidden story.

A common theme I explores is the contrast between what is observed on the surface and the hidden stories beneath. Using this location as a map to explore these ideas, a scene that is so well known to many could still reveal secrets.’

Bethan is one half of the Eerie Essex podcast team and spends a lot of time researching local folklore. This has influenced her work greatly especially looking at the edges of the wild with civilisation.